Monday, October 26, 2020

Arctic Fox 27.11.0 release

 This 2020 with COVID, quarantines and lockdown was and is a strange year, but it allowed me to take care of Arctic Fox quite a bit. A lot of work is going on in my Arctic Fox fork, which Matt dutifully imports.

Thousands of commits flew in into this new release, tackling JavaScript upgrades, build fixes, further metro removal, JIT optimizations. SO much was imported from Firefox that this is really exciting!

Arctic Fox continues to run very well on MacOS-X 10.7 for example, on my MacBook Pro:

But also Linux is fully supported, of course. 

Linux/PowerPC works as before, but still no JIT of course. Roy continues his fork with WindowsXP support which differs only by a minimal set of patches.

SPARC64 support was pursued, now NetBSD/SPARC64 compiles fully, but.... the browser crashes on startup. Help seeked!

The same goes for ARM, ARM64 and MIPS: we would love to get these platforms working again: they were probably lost in PaleMoon.

Arctic Fox thus continues the pursue of PaleMoon and Firefox heritage but with enhanced compatibility on more platforms, no Rust and legacy OS/Compiler support. If you like this, please help!

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