Thursday, December 31, 2020

ArcticFox now on Raspberry 3 - ARM support is back!

Just completed these days... ArcticFox now runs fine on Raspberry PI 3, it also compiled natively on it on Raspbian!

Coming from PaleMoon which had dropped ARM support, it took quite some time, but it is kicking again and the classic browser is a good companion on the Raspberry!

It runs surprisingly good and you can even watch youtube videos. Obligatory screenshot as proof:

In fact, this same post was written on my RPI3. While I was able to fix neon support in graphics, I have issues doing a cortex-a53 optimized build. I also have issues compiling on the newer RPI3 which as a newer Raspbian/RpiOS, with similar errors. However, seeing ARM support back is a good feeling .

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