Thursday, December 31, 2020

DataBasin 1.1 S released

DataBasin 1.1S and DataBasinKit have finally been released, after a long time-span.

This release is dedicated to my late friend and colleague Steven Rovelli (hence the "S" in the release name) who parted from us too young. He was an enthusiastic user of DataBasin and used and supported it inside our company, for countless AMS tasks. COVID-19 carried him away and he will be sorely missed.

This release is marks also the move from the GAP svn repository, to standalone projects on GitHub.

DataBasin sports some interesting news:

  • Improved interface with ComboBoxes to select update/insert objects and preferences to filter out more system objects
  • remember last successful login username
  • getUpdated / getDeleted
  • Undelete
  • Improved support for sub-objects and lists and unpacking (from DataBasinKit), this allows for example to use sub-queries, provided the related object is one (LIMIT 1)
  • support for enabling Assignment Rules in create/update

The core DataBasinKit has also many improvements,, some of them are not completely appreciated from the GUI interface, but useful for other programs wishing to use the API:

  • enhanced and rewritten handling of sub-objects and object-lists in query results: this allows to have SObject lists interpreted as such when using subqueries.
  • getUpdated and getDeleted
  • undelete
  • possiblity trigger Assignment Rules in create & update

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