Friday, June 15, 2018

GNUMail + Pantomime 1.3.0

A new release for GNUmail (Mail User Agent for GNUstep and MacOS) and Pantomime (portable MIME Framework): 1.3.0!

Panomime APIs were update to have safer types: mostly count and sizes were transitioned to more Cocoa-like NSUinteger/NSInteger or size_t/ssize_t where appropriate.
This required a major release as 1.3.0 for both Pantomime and GNUMail. In several functions returning -1 was replaced by NSNotFound.

Note: When running the new GNUMail it will update your message cache to the new format. In case of problems, clean it (or in case of reverting to the old version). Message size is now encoded as unsigned instead of signed inside it.

Countless enhancements and bug fixes in both Pantomime and GNUMail should improve usability.
Previously there were issues of certain messages not loading when containing special characters and/or decoding personal part of Addresses.


  • Correct signature detection as per RFC (caused issues when removing it during replies)
  • improved address and quoted parsing
  • generally improved header parsing
  • Encoding fixes
  • Serious iconv fix which could cause memory corruption due to realloc
  • Fixes for Local folders (should help fix #53063, #51852 and generally bugs with POP and Local accounts)
  • generally improved init methods to check for self, that may help avoid memory issues and debugging in the future
  • various code cleanup in Message loading for better readibility
  • more logging code for debug build, should help debugging

  • Possibility to create filters for To and CC directly in message context menu
  • Read/Unread and Flag/Unflag actions directly in the message context menu
  • Size status for Messages in bytes KiloBytes or MegaBytes depending on size
  • Spelling fixes
  • Improved Menu Validation
  • fix for #52817
  • generally improved init methods to check for self, that may help avoid memory issues and debugging in the future
  • GNUstep Only: Find Panel is now GORM based

OresmeKit initial release: plotting for GNUstep and Cocoa

Finally a public release of OresmeKit.
Started many years ago, it has finally come the moment for a first public release, since I put together even a first draft of documentation. Stay tuned for improvements and new graph types.

Oresme is useful for plotting and graphing data both native on Cocoa/MacOS as on GNUstep.

OresmeKit is a framework which provides NSView subclasses that can display data. It is useful to easily embed charts and graphs in your applications, e.g. monitoring apps, dashboards and such.
OresmeKit supports both GNUstep and Cocoa/MacOS.

An initial API Documentation is also available as well as two example in the SVN repository.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Graphos printing fix

Important Graphos fix.

Graphos had issues when printing and the view was not 100%: to speed up drawRect, all objects were represented scaled, so that they had not to be scaled each time, which especially for Bezier Paths is expensive with all the associated handles.

Thie issue is finally fixed by either caching both original and zoomed values for each object and conditionally drawing them depending on the drawingContext.

Here the proof with GSPdf showing the generated PDF!

Soon a new release then!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LaternaMagica 0.5

LaternaMagica is the image viewing and exporting tool of the GNUstep Application Project.
Quickly create a list of images and export it by converting the file type and resizing the images to a uniform size, to prepare your next slide show, a folder of thumbnails or the folder to give your local printer and print out pictures.

The new 0.5 version comes with a lot of fixes and improvements.
  • Improved drag&drop support
  • Improved recursion of folders, including drag&drop of folders
  • Rotation has key shortcuts
  • Image rotation is remembered for export
  • Code cleanup, optimization and minor bug fixes 
  • Exporting (including Scaling and Rotation) have many fixes:
    • Better support of Alpha images
    • Resolution and Size are better interpreted and preserved. 
    • better scaling algorithm imported from PRICE

Monday, August 21, 2017

GNUMail and Pantomime 1.2.3

New releases which combine many improvements collected in the past three years!

GNUMail and Pantomime found a home in the past years in the "GNUstep non-FSF" project on GNA. However, GNA shut down and the project was moved to This move was time consuming, left the repository unavailable for weeks, but we were able to recover the repository with full history. The code is on on SVN.

During the move, Copyrights, Headers and Licenses were cleaned up. The X-Face code had no clear license and was removed. It is quite an obsolete feature anyway, I haven't seen it used since long time.

The MacOS version works quite well and we provide now both a PPC and an Intel binary. The PowerPC version works well on vintage Macs so you can use GNUMail on your trusty iBook or iMac!

  • Thanks to improved Pantomime, more names and addresses appear correct and not quoted
  • bug fixes in quoting and re-flow, which could lead to mails have missing text portions
  • Allow creation of mail filters from To and Cc addresses
  • Continued to reduce GNUstep specific code: EditWindow, Console, AboutPanel;
  • Improved mail header view when resizing windows
  • Version check fixed and re-instantiated to work against
  • Fixed display of in-line attachment icons on GS
  • code clean-up, memory leak fixes, improved portability (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)

  • improved header parsing, recognizes better address formats, on the TODO list since many years
  • bug fixes in header and subject parsing which could lead to some mails not to load fully
  • speed improvements
  • code portability improvements
  • misc fixes

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

NetBSD source build and crosscompile notes

An update on my notes to compile NetBSD kernels and userland.

Build / update the tools:

-U : for unprivilged building
-u : to update
-m : to specify architecture

./ -U -u tools

To cross compile, this is would enough:
./ -U -m i386 -u tools
However, since I do want to build on the same computer and the build script would be confused, we add -T /usr/tools-${HOST_ARCH}-${TARGET_ARCH} and also separate the object dir with -O!

./ -U -m i386 -u -O /usr/obj-amd64-i386 -T /usr/tools-amd64-i386 tools

Then we build the kernel

./ -U kernel=CONFNAME

or for cross compilation:
./ -U -O /usr/obj-amd64-i386 -T /usr/tools-amd64-i386 -m i386 -u kernel=GENERIC

The modules:
./ -U -u modules installmodules=/

Now to build userland, including X11. I did not attempt to cross-build userland yet.

./ -U -x -u distribution

./ -U -x -u distribution install=/

Sunday, April 23, 2017

GNUstep Graphos 0.6

After (too) many years, finally a new release of Graphos.

This release has two new important features: cusps and images.

Splines support now cusps, that is left and right asymmetrical tangents to a control point.

A new image item object exists. This allows you to paste a preferably small image and move it around like it were a box, resizing it at will.
This is quite useful to be able to manually overlay lines and trace images.
Since the image is directly encoded in the file and not saved as a separate image it is not very efficient and using large images is not advisable. In the future a new bundle file format needs to be implemented.

The screenshot shows an example of tracing the GNUstep logo imported as a bitmap, using the cusp point in the upper right.

Many bug fixes and improvements in these past years, some major:
  •  Text improvements (editor display, reading/&saving, Mac support)
  •  Circles/Ovals save/read fix
  •  Properties inspector fixes
  •  Portability fixes
To support cusps, the file format changed again, reading of old formats is still supported.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

GNUstep PDFKit update to xpdf 3.04

After many years, I was finally able to update PDFKit, GNUstep's PDF Framework which is based on xpdf. The update to 3.03 and 3.04 required updates to the internal APIs.

This brings a lot of  improvements (and also all the security fixes) of the newer xpdf.

Important new fixes are flowing in too, compared to the last release.

CropSize instead of MediaSize is now used to determine the NSSize of the image, thus fixing a strange scale issue that affected certain PDFs (The view was allocated for the MediaSize, but the rendering was done on the CropSize).

Furthermore, several static instances of classes were removed, so that multiple PDF documents can be opened in an application, this was a long undiscovered issue!

Workspace Content Inspector and ViewPDF

To all steppers who use PDFKit, please test... and report issues, especially new ones, a release is due soon! No regression known at the moment.