Saturday, February 28, 2015

Graphos bitmap image display

Graphos is the vector-drawing application for GNUstep (and MacOS) of the GNUstep Application Project.

While it is centered on drawing bezier paths and derived shapes, I added support for copy&pasting images. While these images cannot be saved (the format doesn't support it yet) they still can be useful: since they are layered as any other object (and transparency alpha channel is honoured too), one can do interesting things as in this example:

We paste in the original image for LaternaMagica's icon. We start tracing it with simple shapes, here shown in black.

One can easily fit curves over the image, essentially doing a hand-trace. Very important is the usage of cusps and symmetric handles in bezier-paths, which will be the new feature of the upcoming Graphos release.

After a quick work, this is the first rough result:

I still need to fix some details: the display at zoom rates different than 100% doesn't work correctly with images.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GNUMail and TalkSoup getting back to MacOS

In the effort of peppin up and removing bitrot from TalkSoup, the GNUstep IRC client, I am doing  a native build of it on MacOS.
Apparently there was a port in the past, but it was not an Xcode build and it uses may tricks.
I have already ported the application the core and the main bundles: this pointed out many weak parts of the code and many more warnings than I was getting on GNUstep.

Soon I will be able to make a new, updated release!

The application works now much better! x86 and PPC... so I can enjoy a chat on my iBook:

Also GNUMail has progress: before running only on ppc and 10.4, now the application runs fine also on x86!
During this process I am also trying to modernize GNUMail's code gradually: the application was written for GNUstep, but the Macintosh port was port with a lot of conditional code, 10  and years ago GNUstep was less complete. A lot of these exception can now be removed. I am going to investigate each of them and remove as many of them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Friday, January 09, 2015

DataBasin 0.8

DataBasin 0.8 is out!

After several months of development and testing, many news:
  • DataBasin is now divided in its DataBasinKit framework which is LGPL'd and the application itself
  • (CSV writing) Support of empty fields in empty semi-joined objects through query parsing
  • (CSV writing) Support for writing fields in exact order as in user query, trough query parsing
  • Select Identify supports LIMIT
  • Customizable CSV file quoting and separator
  • Support for COUNT and aggregate queries
  • Object Inspector supports selection of values in cells
The most important news is the DataBasinKit separation.
The most important feature instead is DataBasin ability to parse the SOQL query and thus rearrange the output fields in CSV files not as Salesforce returns them but as the user requested them. The same feature allows related objects (. notation) to be null and retain the correct columns in the CSV file.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

PRICE 1.3.0

Finally a new release of PRICE!

Get it here:

This version improve Mac support quite a bit, Apple made several changes since 10.6 which caused malfunctions and weird symptoms (and which fix occasional stuff on 10.4 too). Both PowerPC and x86 work fine!

Many bug fixes, memory issues, bug in filters fixed.

  • Curves can now be manipulated with handles
  • Edge/tracing ignores the alpha channel
  • Preview supports scaling
  • Support by on-load conversion of alpha-first images
  • Greyscale and Inversion support 16bit images, highly experimental! The current approach looks unpractical to extend to all filters since the code-path needs to be doubled though.
Custom Edge Tracer, PRICE on GNUstep

Curves Editing, PRICE on MacOS

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GWorkspace 0.9.3

New Year's Eve Edition: GWorkspace 0.9.3 released!

GNUstep's workspace got plenty of attention, fixes and improvements, here a summary:

  • viewer preferences and status are now stored reliably (you may need to delete your old defaults)
  • file operation now work concurrently as they should
  • file operations can be paused/resumed more easily and reliably
    - many memory leaks related to file operations fixed! Less bloating during usage
    - fixes for clang/libobjc2 runtime
    - improved host-name setting (previously, on some machines localhost was used)
    - Recycler may unmount volumes now
    - Fixes and performance increases with browser drawing
    - improvements in File operations errors (permissions, etc)
    - fixes when renaming files without permissions
    - further 64bit and portability fixes

NOTE: you may need to delete your current defaults (type "defaults delete GWorkspace") for the new viewer status saving to work correctly

Monday, October 27, 2014

New GNUMail release 1.2.2

After Pantomime a GNUMail release had of course to follow.
The same words as for Pantomime apply.

Due to the inactivity of CollaborationWorld and Ludovic, we(*) decided to import the sources in gnustep-nonfsf at

(*)German, Sebastian and myself with the contributions of others

The download is at:

This release contains updates and some important, long-needed fixes:
* critical fixes on GNUstep which finally make SMTP usable again (including security detection in preferences)
* use the corresponding Pantomime to finally run on NetBSD
* Many 64bit fixes
* port to MacOS re-instantiated (10.3/10.4 tested)
* Memory problem fixes
* General code cleanup to compile on modern compilers (gcc4 and clang) and on modern obj-c runtimes
* works slightly better on small displays
* crash fixes

There is still quite some stuff to do, but at least GNUMail can be compiled, run and used again and I hope other will enjoy it!

GNUMail on MacOS

GNUMail on GNUstep