Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GNUstep's Desktop

Who says we don't have a desktop? ;)
Look at the screenshot. NSWorkspace now identifies the Desktop as a special folder and associates it with an icon. The icon is new too.

Also the Music folder is now recognized as a special folder and has its cool new icon too.

Maybe that wasn't a blog post you all expected about a complete GNUstep desktop :)

With this last additions, the addition of special folders to NSWorkspace is quite complete. Images, Documents, Downloads, Music and Desktop are recognized as special folders in the user home. The user home itself had already a special icon since a long time. Regarding system-wide folders, the "System" and the "Library" folder have its icons, if they applicable for the used file system layout.

These icons are all theme-able too, each Theme can customize them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

ProjectCenter 0.6.0

ProjectCenter, GNUstep's IDE, equivalent of ProjectBuilder / XCode was released in version 0.6.0.

  • New project format, bundle-based, user information is separated from project information: this makes collaboration of different people easier with CVS/SVN/etc
  • Editor undo support
  • Support for setting the project Installation domain
  • Improved gnustep-make 2.x support in both the project itself as in the project generation
  • integrated debugger
  • first integration between ProjectCenter and Gorm regarding
  • improved usage and run on Windows
  • uncountable bug fixes (in syntax highlighting, detachable editors, portability...)

Happy coding!

ProjectCenter page.