Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GWorkspace 0.9.3

New Year's Eve Edition: GWorkspace 0.9.3 released!

GNUstep's workspace got plenty of attention, fixes and improvements, here a summary:

  • viewer preferences and status are now stored reliably (you may need to delete your old defaults)
  • file operation now work concurrently as they should
  • file operations can be paused/resumed more easily and reliably
    - many memory leaks related to file operations fixed! Less bloating during usage
    - fixes for clang/libobjc2 runtime
    - improved host-name setting (previously, on some machines localhost was used)
    - Recycler may unmount volumes now
    - Fixes and performance increases with browser drawing
    - improvements in File operations errors (permissions, etc)
    - fixes when renaming files without permissions
    - further 64bit and portability fixes

NOTE: you may need to delete your current defaults (type "defaults delete GWorkspace") for the new viewer status saving to work correctly