Thursday, April 25, 2013

DataBasin: advanced SObject describe

I enhanced DataBasin object's describe. First, I do parse the RecordTypeInfo now, but that was the easy part. returns only the record type ID and name, but programmatically, this is not very useful. The important bit would be the Developer Name of each record type.

I enhanced the results by querying automatically the RecordType table, extracting the Developer Name, matching it through the RT Id and merging back the results, so that the resulting DBSObject has a complete Record Type information, totally transparent.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Simplifying GWorkspace

I am streamlining GNUstep's Workspace. For many years it had a mode for spatial navigation, inspired essentially from Mac's finder and by GNOME. I personally never felt that it fits well in OpenStep's paradigm. MacOS X incorporated it for legacy reasons of Mac Classic, becasue Apple (sadly) wrote a new Finder instead of using OS's Workspace.
Spatial is good, but I think having a manager which incorporates both philosophies not.

Thus I removed spatial navigation from GWorkspace. Some loyal users perhaps will mourn it, but I want to remember that GWorkspace is just one possible application to implement NSWorkspace, anybody can write a replacement. In fact, I have already plans to write an alternative version, but this will be material for other blog posts.

Monday, April 08, 2013

FTP 0.4

FTP 0.4, the ftp client of the GNUstep Application project, has been released.

This is release has a couple of new features which should make usage a bit cleaner as well as many bug fixes and portability issues. I would recommend the upgrade. Among the many small changes:

  • Reopening connections without restarting FTP is fixed, there were corner cases where this didn't work
  • Better progress report, also for file listings. Indeterminate progress if size is unknown.
  • 64bit and portability fixes. Smaller fixes about corner cases with empty selections and empty files and interface locking.
  • When disconnecting, the remote connection gets cleared.
  • More minor but annoying bugs, like problems with large selections on Cocoa. 

FTP running on NetBSD, Sleek theme applied

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Graphos 0.4

Graphos 0.4 is out!

  • The Text editor now uses the standard font panel 
  • selection improved
  • mouse constraints for boxes and circles
  • undo for pasteboard operations
  • many bug fixes
  • 64bit fixes
Some shapes fun