Sunday, August 24, 2008

PRICE 0.8.3

Finally, after several months, PRICE 0.8.3 is out. Mainly it is a bug-fix and performance improvement release compared to 0.8.2. Chasing a memory leak which appeared only on GNUstep, Gregory found a piece of inefficient code which let to morememory usage and slower performance, but no solution to the hideous leak. Fred fixed it recently in GNUstep, this means that the PRICE code was good and that it was ready for release and that if you don't want to leak, you need the next gnustep-gui release.
Another issue is the License, the past GNUstep release was GPLv3 and this caused incompatibility to GPLv2; under Debian's maintainer suggestion I added an exception, but this is an unsatisfactory solution, thus I decided to relicense PRICE with GPLv2 and the "and later" option. Now GNUstep got relicensed back due to all the trouble; but my decision stands, also to avoid any more trouble in the future.