Friday, June 15, 2018

GNUMail + Pantomime 1.3.0

A new release for GNUmail (Mail User Agent for GNUstep and MacOS) and Pantomime (portable MIME Framework): 1.3.0!

Panomime APIs were update to have safer types: mostly count and sizes were transitioned to more Cocoa-like NSUinteger/NSInteger or size_t/ssize_t where appropriate.
This required a major release as 1.3.0 for both Pantomime and GNUMail. In several functions returning -1 was replaced by NSNotFound.

Note: When running the new GNUMail it will update your message cache to the new format. In case of problems, clean it (or in case of reverting to the old version). Message size is now encoded as unsigned instead of signed inside it.

Countless enhancements and bug fixes in both Pantomime and GNUMail should improve usability.
Previously there were issues of certain messages not loading when containing special characters and/or decoding personal part of Addresses.


  • Correct signature detection as per RFC (caused issues when removing it during replies)
  • improved address and quoted parsing
  • generally improved header parsing
  • Encoding fixes
  • Serious iconv fix which could cause memory corruption due to realloc
  • Fixes for Local folders (should help fix #53063, #51852 and generally bugs with POP and Local accounts)
  • generally improved init methods to check for self, that may help avoid memory issues and debugging in the future
  • various code cleanup in Message loading for better readibility
  • more logging code for debug build, should help debugging

  • Possibility to create filters for To and CC directly in message context menu
  • Read/Unread and Flag/Unflag actions directly in the message context menu
  • Size status for Messages in bytes KiloBytes or MegaBytes depending on size
  • Spelling fixes
  • Improved Menu Validation
  • fix for #52817
  • generally improved init methods to check for self, that may help avoid memory issues and debugging in the future
  • GNUstep Only: Find Panel is now GORM based

OresmeKit initial release: plotting for GNUstep and Cocoa

Finally a public release of OresmeKit.
Started many years ago, it has finally come the moment for a first public release, since I put together even a first draft of documentation. Stay tuned for improvements and new graph types.

Oresme is useful for plotting and graphing data both native on Cocoa/MacOS as on GNUstep.

OresmeKit is a framework which provides NSView subclasses that can display data. It is useful to easily embed charts and graphs in your applications, e.g. monitoring apps, dashboards and such.
OresmeKit supports both GNUstep and Cocoa/MacOS.

An initial API Documentation is also available as well as two example in the SVN repository.