Sunday, May 04, 2014

ProjectCenter build parser fixes

Debugging build tools...

I was long plagued GNUstep's IDE ProjectCenter had problems with parsing the compiler's output. This made "clicking" on the warning or error often impossible. I never dug into the details, but it happened more and more often and was worse on different systems than others.

Yesterday, while working on another projects I got so annoyed that I debug until deep into the night to fix them and found two different sources:
  • On all OS recent versions of gcc (gcc 4.x) have a "fatal error" that was not being correctly parsed and assimilated to an error
  • OpenBSD was using egcc and this was causing the build files not to be recognized, so the error was parsed, but opening the correct editor was impossible
I fixed both! Using modern gcc is thus now fine as using OpenBSD that works now like Linux. GNUstep's cross-platform support thus continues!

Happy hacking.