Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Native Print Preview in GNUstep

The upcoming GSPdf version can be used seamlessly to do Print Preview in GNUstep. The provision to do that has long been in GNUstep's printing code, but no application exploited it.

GSPdf is undergoing quite some restructuring and is now a true document-based application. This allows it to register properly for the post script viewing task. Activationg GhostScript's anti-aliasing is supported too (look at the screenshot, where Graphos itself is running without).

GSPdf is an interface to ghostscript as gv is, so the displayed quality should remain the same.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

GWorkspace 0.8.8 released

GWorkspace 0.8.8 is out! Many thanks to all those who helped with testing or contributed with patches.

GWorkspace is GNUstep's standard workspace manager.

Among the improvements:

  • the GWMetadata subproject is now controlled by a configure option. This means
    that sqlite is no longer a hard dependency if live folders and search
    functionality is not desired. It also means that if selected, it will be really
    configured, built and installed (up to now it was manual).
  • portability issues fixed (SPARC crashes, HURD constants)
  • builds on Windows (MinGW)
  • clean-ups and updates in the build system
  • extensive warning fixing and code clean-up (like header imports)
  • use standard classes and functions (NSProgressIndicator, info panel...)
  • improved terminal services interface and interaction
  • improvements with the detection of optional PDFkit for the PDF contents inspector

The compulsory screenshot shows GWorkspace running with the Neos theme from GAP.