Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WindowMaker-style menus in GNUstep?

Did you know it was possible?
I got that question asked more than once!
Or horizontal menus? or Macintosh-style?

Well the obvious way is to install theme enabling this feature. However, you may want to tweak just a certain feature or customize the default look.

Now you need to set a certain default. If you do not want to fiddle with the defaults write NSInterfaceStyleDefault GSWindowMakerInterfaceStyle, then the "Defaults" preference panel will be your friend!
The Panel has been long around a long time! It is easy to enable things. But once you need to set 

I just completed two useful enhancements in System Preferences:

  • New editor type for fixed-list choices, as is the case for the interface styles!
  • All values can have now a localized description!

You can see the new editor in action with WindowMaker style menus which, by the way, are more convenient when using the "stick" pointer instead of a Mouse, as found on ThinkPads and certain other laptops.