Thursday, June 21, 2012

PDFKit 0.9.2

PDFKit 0.9.2 released. Still based on xpdf 3.0.2, it solves several build problems. It now builds with clang and with current GNUstep. Portability to BSD's improved.

Monday, June 04, 2012

GWorkspace 0.9.1

I'm pleased to announce that GWorkspace 0.9.1 is out.

Some release highlights:

Enhancements / new features

  • New Modern vs Classic style which control:
    • classic vs. alpha-blended selection
    • transparent dock vs classic dock style
  • new "scale" attribute for the desktop, for uniform scaling
  • Browser icons (Eric W.)

Fixes & Maintenance

  • PDF Content Inspector fixed and updated
  • NSUInteger updates for new APIs
  • crash fix on exit when Grayscale background images were selected
  • updates for integer positions and resolutions to avoid blurring of elements
  • NSDragOperation updates
This release is highly recommended when compiling and running GWorkspace against the current GNUstep core release.

Terminal 0.9.8

Terminal 0.9.8 was released by the GNUstep Application Project. It is mainly a maintenance release to tix bugs, enhance portability to more platforms (including GNU/HURD and OpenBSD) and current GS core libraries.

GSPdf 0.5 released

GSPdf 0.5, the ghostscript front-end for GNUstep, suitable for PDF and PS viewing (and thus also as GS print preview application) was released on June 3rd.