Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DataBasin 0.7

DataBasin 0.7 is out!

If you need to query, update,  create data on and are on a GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris system or MacOS-X... try it out! Do you need to perform a query having objects or IDs instead of a where clause? Select-identify will come handy for you.

Some of the news:
  • Save results of update and create in a results.csv file with succeess and failure
  • Progress monitor of operations shows time remaining 
  • The login panel shows a visual icon if login happened successfully or not
  • Progress monitor for Query, Delete, Insert
  • Select identify now supports ORDER BY
  • Internal core enhanced for Delete
  • Many bug fixes and clean-ups

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Graphs: Improved Grid and labels

Lots of new stuff in OresmeKit, the graphing toolkit for GNUstep and Mac! As an Example, an advanced dashboard based on DataBasin that displays the system load of It is not generally available yet, but I hope it will be!

Grid-sizing is now selectable so it gets spaced in 1K or 1M intervals (depending on the data-range available), like it is used in both screenshots in this example.

 - (void)setYAxisGridSizing:(OKGridSizing)sizing;

Can take now: OKGridConstantSize, OKGridKiloMega

Also, one can decide to draw Just the label of the minimum and maximum value or a label for every grid:

- (void)setYAxisLabelStyle:(OKLabelStyle)style;

Can take:  OKNoLabels, OKMinMaxLabels, OKAllLabels

1000-unit Grid

To complement this kind of visualization, a new kind of Label formatting can be used. In the example above, the numbers are plain, 10.000 is written as such, in the example below, it is formatted as 10K, if we were using 10.000.000, it would me 10M

1000 - grid with K formatting