Monday, June 04, 2012

GWorkspace 0.9.1

I'm pleased to announce that GWorkspace 0.9.1 is out.

Some release highlights:

Enhancements / new features

  • New Modern vs Classic style which control:
    • classic vs. alpha-blended selection
    • transparent dock vs classic dock style
  • new "scale" attribute for the desktop, for uniform scaling
  • Browser icons (Eric W.)

Fixes & Maintenance

  • PDF Content Inspector fixed and updated
  • NSUInteger updates for new APIs
  • crash fix on exit when Grayscale background images were selected
  • updates for integer positions and resolutions to avoid blurring of elements
  • NSDragOperation updates
This release is highly recommended when compiling and running GWorkspace against the current GNUstep core release.

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