Monday, April 08, 2013

FTP 0.4

FTP 0.4, the ftp client of the GNUstep Application project, has been released.

This is release has a couple of new features which should make usage a bit cleaner as well as many bug fixes and portability issues. I would recommend the upgrade. Among the many small changes:

  • Reopening connections without restarting FTP is fixed, there were corner cases where this didn't work
  • Better progress report, also for file listings. Indeterminate progress if size is unknown.
  • 64bit and portability fixes. Smaller fixes about corner cases with empty selections and empty files and interface locking.
  • When disconnecting, the remote connection gets cleared.
  • More minor but annoying bugs, like problems with large selections on Cocoa. 

FTP running on NetBSD, Sleek theme applied


DMJC said...

Can I request SFTP support for accessing files via ssh?

Riccardo said...

DMJC, sure you can request it :) It is actually on my to-do list among other needed features like renaming and folder creation. However the problem is if implementing the SFTP protocol natively or wrapping around already proven SFTP. I am pondering the latter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ricardo, really appreciate your work in keeping the Nextstep look and feel alive (and doing Graphos).

Where can I obtain the sleek theme you've shown?

Thanks, Keith

Riccardo said...

Hey Keith:

the "Sleek" theme is available from GAP. Currently it is not released yet, so you need to get it from CVS or ask me for a quick tarball.

I just updated it with new icons and tweaks and commited the udpates minutes ago! It is getting quite close to a first release... Stay tuned!