Thursday, August 25, 2005

last night efforts... wx and DOM

I continued my effort to shape wxMotif in a better form on IRIX but until now no real progress... The code is ugly and although Vadim (vadz) was kind to me and spotted various methods to improve... the output was still none (ok, apparently I didn't break anything either).

The other interesting discussion I had was on IRC with Stefan. The problem is again the lack of applications in some areas and the quality of others. Today's menu was "browser". Apart from the usual talk of porting other engines... the idea of writing our own rised up again. ANd this one it seems promising.
We should start the browser work in making a sort of webcore. That one should be based on a DOM renderer, so that the translation of XML, HTML or whatever into o a DOM can be a separate module. Help in this regard could come from the Iconara DOM framework and the expat library. Makign a simle XML parser should be easy with these tools and so we could concentrate on other issues like the rendering without loosing time in the parser. Once the foundations are set, an HTML->DOM plugin could be done and added inserted into Iconara. Also this approach would force us into a good separation of tasks and thus in the future even iconara itself migh be replaced.
If this talk will have a future I don't know, but I'll think of a project code-name!

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