Saturday, September 17, 2005

gnustep on gentoo fine again

Thanks to the fixes Adam made with libgif and linubgif, core GNUstep compiles fine again on gentoo. I had to recompile/relink all applications (I don't thinkn this is nice, if the dependency is brought in by a library). Enrico also fixed also GWorkspace to compile without DBKit.. so finally the whole environment of base applications is in good shape again.


Gregory Casamento said...

There's really nothing which can be done about the recompilation problem, when altering dependencies (e.g. using libgif instead of libungif). This is an issue caused by the linker.


Anonymous said...

One problem I had with GNUStep ist the lack of a testsuite or a diff which tells me where gnuStep differs from the specification or cocoa.