Monday, November 21, 2005

new RPMs for GNUstep

I worked hard and had to do quite some tests... but I finally got new RPMs for GNUstep and its applications, they represent quite an improvment over the last version and I have also added applications compared to the last time.

The packages and source pakages are here.

As always the packages are made with MkLinux in mind, but I made them more general removing some weird hacks, thus I think they will work on more distributions, especially if starting from source.

I put all applications and tools in their own "GNUstep" category now.

Apart from several updates, I have added TextEdit, Terminal, FTP, TimeMon...

Thanks to the patience of its developer, Andy Ruder, TalkSoup was made compilable on gcc 2.95 and thus is available for MkLinux too!!

The great apps that are missing are GNUMail, which compiles and runs but has then problems finding the Inbox folder, and ProjectCenter which compiles bug segfaults on Mklinux. Both applications work on my Gentoo system instead. If someone has hints... let me know

Try the source RPMs out at your place!

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