Monday, July 18, 2011

GMastermind running on Macintosh

During the weekend, I rewrote the whole graphics core of GMastermind to use NSBezierPaths instead of PS operations. Furthermore it uses a gorm file to create the menus and instantiate the application Controller.

With these changes, a port of the code to Cocoa is possible! The screenshot shows the game running on my iBook with 100% the same code base of GNUstep.


Anonymous said...

Over at the JIGS website ( they claimed to have a working Java/Objective-C interface, but it did not do the graphical work. That is, they really meant it for command-line use.

Would you say, then, that you've overcome this hurdle and are capable of making java apps that drive the cocoa environment both graphically and non-graphically?

Riccardo said...

Why do you cite JIGS? The port of these apps is unrelated to java, they are native in Objective-C.

In any case on the JIGS site there is a screnshot of a Window opened from Java so it is surely capable of driving GUI elements.,