Friday, September 30, 2011

GWorkspace 0.9.0

GWorkspace 0.9.0 is out.

Custom icons for special folders (System, Library, Images, Music, Documents, Downloads, Desktop). Themable.

Volume recognition ported or improved on NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD.

Many fixes in the build system, crash & security fixes.


DMJC said...

Will gnustep ever use gorm based UI elements? or will it always be hard-coded in objective-C?

Riccardo said...

DMJC, what do you mean with "gnustep"? Gorm interface files have been available since years, recently NIB files can be used directly too, with some caveats. Some developers use them, some not. Many applications are written with Gorm files. Mixing code and and interface is possible too and that is what GWorkpace does for example. Many GAP applications leverage completely gorm files.

DMJC said...

What I meant when I posted this was actually, will gworkspace ever support gorm files so the guy could be dynamically modified, or would it only support hard coded interface layouts written in objective-c.

DMJC said...

so the GUI could be modified (OSX's auto correction is very annoying.)