Thursday, January 08, 2015

PRICE 1.3.0

Finally a new release of PRICE!

Get it here:

This version improve Mac support quite a bit, Apple made several changes since 10.6 which caused malfunctions and weird symptoms (and which fix occasional stuff on 10.4 too). Both PowerPC and x86 work fine!

Many bug fixes, memory issues, bug in filters fixed.

  • Curves can now be manipulated with handles
  • Edge/tracing ignores the alpha channel
  • Preview supports scaling
  • Support by on-load conversion of alpha-first images
  • Greyscale and Inversion support 16bit images, highly experimental! The current approach looks unpractical to extend to all filters since the code-path needs to be doubled though.
Custom Edge Tracer, PRICE on GNUstep

Curves Editing, PRICE on MacOS

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