Monday, August 21, 2017

GNUMail and Pantomime 1.2.3

New releases which combine many improvements collected in the past three years!

GNUMail and Pantomime found a home in the past years in the "GNUstep non-FSF" project on GNA. However, GNA shut down and the project was moved to This move was time consuming, left the repository unavailable for weeks, but we were able to recover the repository with full history. The code is on on SVN.

During the move, Copyrights, Headers and Licenses were cleaned up. The X-Face code had no clear license and was removed. It is quite an obsolete feature anyway, I haven't seen it used since long time.

The MacOS version works quite well and we provide now both a PPC and an Intel binary. The PowerPC version works well on vintage Macs so you can use GNUMail on your trusty iBook or iMac!

  • Thanks to improved Pantomime, more names and addresses appear correct and not quoted
  • bug fixes in quoting and re-flow, which could lead to mails have missing text portions
  • Allow creation of mail filters from To and Cc addresses
  • Continued to reduce GNUstep specific code: EditWindow, Console, AboutPanel;
  • Improved mail header view when resizing windows
  • Version check fixed and re-instantiated to work against
  • Fixed display of in-line attachment icons on GS
  • code clean-up, memory leak fixes, improved portability (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)

  • improved header parsing, recognizes better address formats, on the TODO list since many years
  • bug fixes in header and subject parsing which could lead to some mails not to load fully
  • speed improvements
  • code portability improvements
  • misc fixes

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