Sunday, March 24, 2013

DataBasin 0.6

DataBasin 0.6 released!
  • Support "." as Semi-Join
  • Select Identify works now with multiple columns (all in AND as condition)
  • Support LIMIT clause in Select Identify
  • Improved Exception catching and display for Select Identify
  • Object Inspector supports selection of items
  • Log window with selectable log level
  • Progress and estimated completion time displayed in Log
  • Remember logins
  • internal API improvement
  • vast 64bit and portability improvements
  • Support count and aggregate queries
Select Identify is now vastly improved. Supporting multiple columns and LIMIT, coupled together with the other improvements of this release, makes it an invaluable tool during support and maintenance of a Salesforce org. How else could you check the status of a lot of objects, say Cases or Accounts?
The object inspector is always handy too.

DataBasin allows you to work with much easier and also from your favourite free OS  using GNUstep like any BSD or GNU/Linux or at need on Solaris or Macintosh.

Many thanks to my colleagues, Claudio and Paolo amongst them, for finding bugs and testing the 9 internal beta releases!

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