Tuesday, March 05, 2013

GNUstep on FreeBSD

I thought it would be fun to share how well GNUstep runs these days. FreeBSD now is a first-quality platform! Stable and not second to Linux at all. NetBSD is close to it too. I try hard that all application maintained by me are not "Linux centric" as most of today's desktops are!


 First a clean desktop. Just the workspace and a terminal. Icon display in a viewer, miller column browser (my favourite) in the other. Transparent dock on the right, showing some running apps and some not.
Battery Monitor in the background and as AppIcon! Now perfectly running on FreeBSD!

IN the development screenshot, we can just admire ProjectCenter with the build panel and a detached editor window. In the background, a GWorkspace file viewer in "details" mode.


Alexandre Bique said...

That's cool but the UI is not beautiful, and there is a lot of work on the artistic side.

Riccardo said...

Alexandre, beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I like it quite a bit, especially during longer working sessions. I definitely prefer it to the Cocoa style, to Metro and what usually I find on Linux.
That said, it is surely not perfect and can be improved for example in the consistency of several icons. GNUstep's UI is also themable and one can adjust it quite a bit.

DMJC said...

I'm interested in the horizontal menubar mode, and using gnustep as a full time desktop. Is there anyone working on the web browser side of gnustep at all? It's the main component that I find missing. I'm happy with the video/audio/IRC/file browser offerings available.

Riccardo said...

I do use GS every day :) I like the vertical menus, especially on a wide-screen monitor. However it is mostly a matter of habits I guess. I took me a bit, being a long-time mac user.

There is work on the browser side, but it is slow and the situation is muddy.

There are two paths:
1) port WebKit
2) develop SWK, SimpleWebKit, a 100% Obj-C native replacement

Both should be done. WebKit is a monstrum but the only path to have a full "native" browser; SWK will be never a replacement for it, however it will be easily embeddable and very useful for displaying documentations and others.
I'm interested in 2), SWk got opensourced, but there is no real input from the community, so development is really slow. I'm able to display GS's documentation with it, inside Vespucci; but not much more.