Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GWorkspace 0.9.2

 pleased to announce the new release of the GNUstep Workspace application.
This is mainly a bug fix, stability and improvement release.
  • updated to current APIs and changes to NSUInteger, NSInteger and CGFloat
  • thanks to the above, improved 64bit support
  • improved BSD support
  • improved localizations and capability to localize better in the future
  • Fix logout timer
  • improved handling of Recycler and other daemons on logout
  • MDKit and MDFinder improvements, although problems on some setups remain
  • TabbedShelf crash fixes
  • memory leaks fixed as detected by the clang static analyzer
Thanks to the many who tested and contributed fixes, first of all Sebastian Reitenbach.

GWorkspace with the Sleek theme


Unknown said...

Great! , how do you change the theme on gworkspace ? if i wanted to create a new theme where do i need to take a look or change?

Riccardo said...

First you need to have Themes installed. GAP has currently sleek and neos in development, their latest status is in CVS.

You can change the theme either to all gnustep, using the System Preferences and its Theme panel. If you want to change it for only one application, go to its info-panel from the menu and select the theme at the bottom (Current theme) a special theme panel allows you to override theming for a single app.

You can look at the themes in GAP as wel as an example theme with code provided in the examples of GNUstep. Be sure to check-out Thematic for working on themes.